Cook profession – demand, salary and working conditions

Cook profession - demand, salary and working conditions
Working conditions

A cook is a sought-after profession in Poland. There are many vacancies for cooks in the country, and salaries in this field are quite high. Work in this position gives the opportunity for self-realization, to demonstrate creativity, to learn about a variety of culture and culinary techniques.


Cooks are needed in restaurants, cafes, hotels, as well as on cruise ships. In Poland, the tourism industry is actively developing, so the demand for cooks is constantly growing.

In addition, there are many food and beverage companies in the country where cooks are also needed.


The average salary of a cook in Poland is 15-18 zlotys per hour. This means that for a full day’s work (8 hours) a chef can earn 120-144 zlotys.

However, the salary of a chef can be higher if he is experienced, qualified and works in a prestigious restaurant or hotel.

Working conditions

Working conditions for cooks in Poland are generally good. Cooks usually work in comfortable conditions, in accordance with sanitary standards and the requirements of health and safety rules.

A cook’s working day usually lasts 8 hours, but can be longer, especially in high season.

The employee can also count on a number of labor rights and privileges. These include the right to paid annual leave, minimum wage, and notice period in case of dismissal.

Employers are increasingly offering their employees health insurance, medical packages or covering part of their health care costs.

Companies wishing to provide higher working conditions often offer their employees additional professional development programs, directing them to training courses that help employees achieve promotion and increase competence.

Working conditions
Working conditions


Employers most often expect a candidate to have a high school education as a chef, pastry chef or have a similar diploma.

However, a common case is a job where the relevant education is not required. This is due to a simple fact:

A culinary enthusiast is able to learn to cook on his own, by trial and error.

Experience with professional catering equipment, on the other hand, can already be acquired directly in the working environment.

Also important in the profession of a chef is the disposition, ease of establishing contacts, ability to work in a group.

Knowledge of the Polish language is not mandatory, but can be an asset for employment.

How to find a job as a chef in Poland?

To find a job as a chef in Poland, you can contact a recruitment agency or use online job sites.

You can also directly contact restaurants, cafes or other establishments that have vacancies for chefs.


If you want to work as a chef in Poland, you should prepare a good resume and cover letter. Get a work permit. In your resume you should list your skills and work experience, and in your cover letter you should describe your motivation for working in Poland.


In summary, working as a chef can be a rewarding career choice. It is a passionate, creative environment with the opportunity to meet interesting people and different cultures, as well as a way to learn foreign languages. Working in this profession is also a good way to earn money and gain work experience in a European country.

You can leave an application for a work permit on the website: (en)

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